About Us

The design and craftsmanship of our pens rise out of a love of writing and writing instruments.

Writing of any sort is a creative process and will happen with or without a high-quality writing tool.  We know, however, that it is more enjoyable with a fine pen.  In this age of “disposable things,” we set out to create pens that are gifts for a lifetime, either for yourself or for someone else – someone who will appreciate the notion that fine tools are a joy to use and encourage the creative process. 

Pens are wonderful gifts to commemorate events.  Writing a note to children who are away from home, signing a contract for a new job, or taking the time to write a letter to someone in long hand…you will always remember the pen you use for these things, and it will be the pen you choose to do them again.
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We use high-quality materials for our pens.  The mechanical components (tips, twist mechanisms, caps and clips) are typically Rhodium or 24K Gold plated.   The barrels of our pens are turned from a variety of materials.   Most are developed from exotic hardwoods or acrylics and polished to a long lasting shine.   We also make a satin finish available, we offer a variety of alternative barrel materials such as deer antler or buffalo horn, and we are always pleased to discuss using materials from your own life – wood from a tree from your own home or some other special place.  
A Barrel Being Turned (Video)
Barrels After Turning...
...And the Finished Pen
  Pens are very personal items, and we look forward to custom work that makes more personal the pen you have chosen for yourself or for a gift to someone else.   Look at our work to inspire new ideas for a new pen design, and please contact us to discuss special custom work.